Czech Suzuki Association (CSA)

Czech Suzuki Association (Česká Suzuki asociace, z. s.) was founded in 2017 and is one of the European Suzuki Association (ESA) members. Its purpose is to promote and protect the method of teaching music and philosophy of Japanese educator Shinichi Suzuki as well as to secure professional standards of the Suzuki Method in the Czech Republic. CSA is the only organization in the CR which is licensed to use the name „Suzuki“for its activities in accordance with the Name Agreement between the European Suzuki Association and the International Suzuki Association.

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CSA serves as a platform for teachers, students, parents, musicians and fans of the Suzuki Method and carries out the following activities:

- teaching music to children aged 3 and above using the Suzuki Method (currently violin and piano)

- organizing concerts, workshops, lectures and courses

- providing Suzuki teacher training courses in accordance with the standards recognised by ESA

- assisting qualified Suzuki teachers in implementing their Suzuki Method skills in practical teaching

- protecting the Suzuki Method, ensuring it is used solely by qualified teachers


The Board of Directors

Jana Hrabaňová – Chairwoman, ESA Country Director

Martina Pudelová – Deputy Chairwoman, Deputy ESA Country Director

Uršula Fortin

Maria Bengoechea


European Suzuki Association (ESA) serves as a coalition of National Suzuki Associations throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa. Its primary purpose is to further Dr. Shinichi Suzuki's approach to education through the provision of a Suzuki Teacher Training Program which maintains the quality of Suzuki Teaching throughout the region. More: http://www.europeansuzuki.org


International Suzuki Association (ISA) serves as a coalition of Suzuki Associations throughout the world. Its primary purpose is to serve as a co-ordination centre and to protect the "Suzuki" name and rights. It is the sole authorised organisation which can grant rights to the use of his name and the marks "Suzuki", "Suzuki Method", and other similar terms throughout the world. More: http://internationalsuzuki.org


Except ESA it unites other 4 Regional Suzuki associations:

- Interim Asia Region Suzuki Organization (Asia except Japan): www.asiasuzukimethod.org

- Pan-Pacific Suzuki Association – PPSA (Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific): www.suzukippsa.org

- Suzuki Association of the Americas – SAA (North and South America): www.suzukiassociation.org

- Talent Education Research Institute – TERI (Japan): www.suzukimethod.or.jp